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Meet Preparation

What is arm marking?

You must mark your swimmer to reflect which event, heat and lane they are racing. This is used to help remind the swimmer of their events and age group tent or ready bench volunteers. Use the Heat Sheet to find and highlight your child's events. Mark the arm as illustrated below in the picture in the order of Event/Heat/Lane.

Write on clean dry skin with no sunscreen. It is best to do this the night before in order to minimize sunscreen washing it away. Please also write your child's full name on their upper back.

Heat Sheets will be posted on website (posted on home and meet sign up page) on Friday afternoon/evening.


Example of Arm Marking

Write Clearly and Legibly on your child's LEFT arm as illustrated in the picture.

Stroke: If you'd like to note the stroke do so after the lane designation.
- FR = Freestyle
- BA = Back Stroke
- BR = Breast Stroke
- FLY = Butterfly
- IM = Individual Medley
- FRR = Free Relay (All swimmers swim freestyle)
- MR = Medley Relay (Each swimmer swims a different stroke: 1st = back, 2nd=breast, 3rd=fly, 4th=free)

Relay Marking: This will designate the relay leg the child is swimming.
- 1/1 = Lane 1, first relay leg
- 4/2 = Lane 4, 2nd relay leg **If the Medley Relay this will be Breast Stroke

Packing for a swim meet

Swimmer Pack List:

  • Wipeouts Swimsuit
  • Wipeouts Swim-cap
  • Wipeouts Shirt
  • At least one pair of goggles( 2 pair preferred in case one breaks)
  • At least 1 towel for warm-up and meet
  • Sunscreen
  • Clothes/Coverup to wear between events if preferred
  • Healthy Snacks (be aware if your age group has an allergy)
  • Water bottles
  • Chair
  • Entertainment: Be prepared to sit around for several hours. Staying awake and alert will help you swim faster, so bring whatever keeps you happily entertained: something to read, pens and paper for coloring, your iPod, board games, or all of the above. NOTE: items will get wet! Not Wipeouts responsibility to keep track of these items.

Parent Pack List:

  • Sharpie (to write your child's name, event #, heat #, position on his/her back shoulder before the meet if you didn't do it the night before). DO NOT put sunscreen on before body marking, or the body marking will smear all over the place.
  • Money - The hosting team runs most swim meet concessions. Any profits go to support their team
  • Snacks/Lunch
  • Sunglasses and/or a hat
  • Pop Up Tent
  • A portable chair
  • More sunscreen
  • Entertainment
  • Camera
  • Good cheering voice. Swimmers can hear in the water. The louder the crowd, the more exciting their swim!
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