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Board of Directors

Wipeouts primary contact email: [email protected]

Seth Keggins- (President)

410.615.2111/ kegginsfamily at gmail.com

Joseph Jones- (Vice President)

713.992.9057/ Josephjones434 at gmail.com

Joy Alumbaugh - ( NWAL Rep)

713.927.7904/ Mjhlj5 at aol.com

Alicia Griffiths- (Treasurer)

281.840.8386/ wipeoutsofinverness at gmail.com

Joanne Newcomb- (Volunteer Coordinator)

281.974.0588/ joanne.newcomb at yahoo.com

Deanna Jones- (Secretary)

832.659.5708/ xoxodeannaxox at gmail.com

Open - ( Concessions)

Micheal Wanja- (Merchandising)

Clint Dulworth- (Ready Beach)

Steven Wyatt - (Equipment)

832.725.3912/ stevenlwyatt1984 at gmail.com

Travis Edwards- (Equipment)

713-997.9514/ tgetx73 at yahoo.com

Chuck Owen- (Equipment)

281.740.2852/ raymond.owen2 at gmail.com

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